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I would like to introduce you to . Having experienced many dilemmas as a father of three I made a very clear assessment that there is very little quality literature available for dads today. Our roles as fathers at times become so complex and I personally could have used some direction. Our websites' primary goal is to assist fathers in raising healthy and happy children and nurturing a great relationship with them. As per statistics 50 percent of marriages fail and we address issues as it pertains to Fathers Rights, Custody, and How to Discuss and Protect our Children Through The Divorce Process.

Dictionary for Dads arose amid concerns of every day fathers who sought to promote their knowledge, education ,experience and resources as it pertains to becoming an excellent father. As an organization our goal is to assist Dad’s in raising happy healthy children.

Our belief is that Dictionary for Dad’s will provide resources and information which will be fundamental in helping men make informed decisions based on education, research and practical experience all provided by Dictionary for Dad’s. In doing so this will not only reinforce the male role model in our society it will increase the social welfare of children throughout the world.

We understand that parenting is often complex and confusing with many variables including but not limited to nutrition, medical, psychological, developmental, environmental, marital, social and academic. It is our aim to provide every dad with education, information and resources for all dilemmas when they occur.

Dictionary for Dad’s believes that the label of a “dad” is one which is earned not one that is provided through birth. If you like the site feel free to add us as a link.


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