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If You Keep Doing What You've Always Done, You'll Keep Getting What You've Always Got

Dear Parents,

If you have a strong-willed, out-of-control teenager, I have to ask:

How much longer are you going to allow yourself to be tricked, bullied, lied to and stolen from?

How many more temper tantrums and arguments are you willing to endure?

Haven't you already wasted enough time and energy trying to make your children change?

If you're discouraged, exhausted and simply out of answers on what to do or how to help, then please check out my ebook at:

Imagine today you put into motion a few small actions that in just a few weeks resulted in receiving the respect and obedience you always wanted, but thought was impossible.

Mark Hutten, M.A.

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The Strong-Willed Out-of-Control Teen

The standard disciplinary techniques that are recommended for “typical” teenagers do not take into account the many issues facing teens with serious behavioral problems. Disrespect, anger, violent rages, self-injury, running away from home, school failure, hanging-out with the wrong crowd, drug abuse, theft, and legal problems are just some of the behaviors that parents of defiant teens will have to learn to control.

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