Education and Counseling for Individuals Affected by Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD

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Your Formula For Success

Points to Remember:

1. Ask your child ______________to demonstrate ________________.

2. Each evening before bedtime, say to your child, _______________. Expect nothing in return.

3. ____________at least one evening each week.

4. Use _______________whenever your answer is “yes.”

5. Use _________________________whenever your answer is “no.”

6. Catch your child ___________________________________at least once each day.

7. Use ______________________when you want something from your kid.

8. Give your child at least ________________each day.

9. Find something ________to do with your teen each week.

10. Use the ____________________________ approach when something unexpected pops-up.

11. Visualize ____________________, and play that visualization often.

12. When you are undecided about what to say or do in any particular situation, always ask yourself the following question: "_________________________?"

13. If things get worse before they get better, you are ______________.

14. Learn to say, and stick with, ________.

15. Give your child five or more different __________that he/she does every week.

16. __________ rather than nag.

17. Differentiate between your child’s ________and his/her ________.

18. Keep an eye out for your child’s _________________.

19. Remember that parenting is not a popularity contest – you are not a ___________.

20. Respond to your child’s strong emotions with ______________.

21. Give only one _____________, then follow through with _____________.

22. Expect children to ____________ parental changes.

23. When taking away privileges, be sure to __________.

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