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You have given me hope and inspiration...

Dear Mark,

I joined your programme yesterday in the UK. I have got to say it makes the best sense of anything that I have ever come across. Although I only had a few hours at it yesterday, I have done the topics very thoroughly (only the first 4 of week 1) and I had the best evening yesterday with my 13 year old daughter. I felt much more calm and confident because I believe that this is going to work if applied consistently. We went for a lovely walk and talked about her friends. The previous night, she was leaving home …going to live in care and her bag was packed!

So, onwards and upwards. We'll see.

But I think that the fact that I am calmer has made a difference to her. She is unnerved. Poker face tonight.

You have given me hope and inspiration not to give up on my daughter. Last week I wondered if I even liked her; now I know that I do love her.

Thank you. I will keep in touch,


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