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Son Is Verbally Abusive


Thanks for your prompt response, the most pressing for now is for him not to be very loud and verbally abusive at home (FYI-My son is 6 ft tall and I'm 5"3. and it is very intimidating at times). Also, I want him to be self-reliant. I totally get your topic on that. We've very sensible about that until 2 yrs ago that I was a bit indulgent with them. I guess I was over compensating for the loss of their father and I put that to an end and explained to them our priorities.

My question Mark with your experience, do I have a chance to turn him around? Every counselor that I consulted, their advise is for him to go to counseling, w/o telling me how to effectively convince him how can I persuade him without being controlling and he thinks kids who go to counseling have head problem. I just want him to be responsible and accountable for his actions.



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maryt. said...

i have a 52 yr old son living with me for 15 months he was married for 6yrs and now his wife is divorcing him. he is abusing me vebally and acts like he owns the place i live in an apartment where there is a no smokeing rule he wont stop smoking on the property also doing drugs everytime he gets his unemployment check i am 73 yrs. old still in good health but getting worried about what could happen if this arguing wont stop i have told him over and over to get out but he wont do it. i cant stand him all the neighbors here everything that goes on here what can i do to get him to move?

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My son is verbally abusive too. The only difference is mine is 16 and has been like this for the past five years. I would hope for your sake that you call the police and have him removed. At 50+ he should not be allowed to treat his mom this way. Its not safe for you and you are not helping him by allowing him to remain. Something big needs to get his attention so he can choose to make some changes. Start strong. Youre in my prayers.

John Wayne said...

We have a 10 year old son adopted at brith bye his mother and i came in to picture and adopted him as my own we had a baby she is now 2 abd the 10 year old is so verbal abuses to me and mother and dauther lies about everything thing do not want him around. 2 year old pour girl not fair to her or the rest of us i raised 4 kids before and never sseen anything like it God Help me

PimpMyNovel said...

Go to the courthouse. Get an eviction form. Tape it on his door. He has ten days to get out or show up in court proving it is unfair to be evicted. You may have to get the cops to move him out. Change the locks. He sounds dangerous. Do you have a safe place to go or friends who know of your situation? It may be until you get the locks changed you don't want to be around him. Be very careful.

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