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Poor Academic Performance


We just signed up for your program today and wonder where you have been for these past two turbulent years. Our son is a 14 year old freshman. He is very gifted academically (has tested in 90thpercentile on all standardized tests and qualified for honors classes). He is also gifted in the arts and music. For most of his 14 years we have not had major problems. Matthew was adopted at birth and diagnosed with ADD in 4th grade. He has been seeing therapists for the past two years, because he began displaying depression, self-cutting, and defiance. He takes Adderall and Lexapro. Matthew's new defiance is to refuse to do his homework. We have tried bribing, threatening, ignoring, and begging. We have attached his requests for a privilege (ie: going to a friends) to completion of his homework. He chooses not to socialize with friends as oppose to doing homework. We have sat and watched an "A" student turn into a "C-D" student and this semester is carrying "Ds and Fs". He does not seem to be phased that he is running the risk of not playing on the school soccer team next year. Yet tells everyone he loves playing soccer for his school. He does not seem phased that he may be kicked out of the Catholic school he attends or may need to repeat 9th grade. His father and I are at our wits end. We are open to any suggestions. We can say with almost 100% certainty that he is not drinking or doing drugs (his doctors have screened him for that and came up negative).

Please send any suggestions.

Thank You,



Hi C.,

First (and most importantly), be sure to only do 1 session per week. To implement a bunch of new parenting changes all at once will be the kiss of failure.

Secondly, the recommendation (see link below) for poor academic performance depends on whether or not (a) poor performance is an ongoing source of parent-child conflict and (b) the child has a history (one grading period or more) or poor academic performance.

Click here ==> Poor Academic Performance to go to the Q & A page of the Online Version of the eBook where you will be given 2 options for dealing with this problem. Pick the option that best fits your current situation.

Thanks for the question. Stay in touch,


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