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What do I do now? Where do we go from here?

Dear Mark:

I'm sure you must be told this often, but I have to say thank you. I have been listening to and reading the material provided in your out-of-control child site and feel a very heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Last evening I literally cried my eyes out, not knowing what to do in regard to my daughter. She is 15, has an IQ of 144, is very intelligent and thinks I am a poor excuse for a parent. My rules are stupid, my choices are insane ... and all I'm trying to do is help her see that balance is an issue in her life and am trying to influence her so that she might choose not to run herself into the ground as she does everything for everyone around her but completely discounts her family. She transmits and receives over 6000 text messages a month, yet couldn't tell you two things about the weekly lives of her younger brother, her stepfather or her mother. My approach to her has not worked. I am a textbook example of everything I have read to this point of the wrong way to do things, as I am about to begin the chapter on fair fighting.

If my daughter were stealing, drinking, acting out inappropriately sexually, I feel I would have had a better support system. I have worked within the local law enforcement agency and court for the last 6 years. My daughter is a good kid who lives a clean and good life, and that has sometimes made it more difficult to contend with the issues that arise because really, she is a good kid and many would give anything to have a child like her ... they simply do not see the day to day perils that are in our life. I am very proud of her accomplishments and do a great deal to support her in her endeavors, but I have been resentful that she shows little or no appreciation for our efforts. I want you to know that you are not only touching the lives of parents whose children's lives will see the inside of jails and courts and detention halls, but also my family's lives where kids truly are smarter than their parents and will do incredible things w ith their drive and their energy, and not in spite of their parents, but with the parental support that also seeks a well rounded individual to come from that child ... as we strive for harmony and balance with a strong willed gifted child. The Scream Free Parenting video was a godsend ... I watched it three times ... combined with the other information I read and listened to that point, I knew I had found the help I need.

So, I'm an amateur here but thank you for the support that I have been able to gain today. My attitude has changed 180 degrees. I know I can change my attitude, my behavior, my way of dealing with things as it has been explained to me in your program. That is the life line I so desperately needed today. I must have said to my husband a dozen times last night, "I don't know what to do. What do I do now? Where do we go from here?" I truly felt completely lost and had no idea what to do beyond breathe. I woke up several times during the night and literally prayed out loud for the Lord to point me in the direction he intends me to go and to please line that path with neon as I didn't think I could find it any other way. I got on the computer this morning looking for sites that would speak to the setting of limits for gifted children, and found you. I do believe you are a gift to us directly from God. Your site is an answered prayer. I will glorify God by reading every word, listening to every syllable and giving my very best effort to effecting a positive change in my life and thereby affecting my family in the same positive way. I'm sure you will hear more from me as I journey through this material. I just had to thank you for giving me the direction I needed so desperately today. I have rambled through this email and am going to send it as it is, without perfecting the grammar or cutting out unnecessary verbiage (you must know just from reading this that is my personality) ... it no doubt will be fun to look back at and to see the growth your program has effected in my life.

God bless you ... as He has me with your program. A million times, thank you.

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