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The last straw...

hi mark,

I am contacting you with the hope that you can maybe put me in the right direction to help my teen. Firstly i need some advice. don't know what to do. He is not conforming at all …he struggles to maintain any education program. There always seems to be a problem with the teacher. lack of organization, motivation. Its always somebody elses fault. He lacks motivation always late has no idea of time. He refuses to take any responsibility for his actions and does not see that he has any problems or how his behaviour affects his family members. He is lazy It is always a battle to get him to clean up after himself to be honest he is utterly disgusting i never thought that anybody can be so nasty and uncaring. his bedroom floor is a dustbin he has constant mood swings. He only seems happy when he is left alone to do what ever he wants. I am completely worried for him and for his future.

He has had brushes with the law and it is the grace of god that he has not ended up in prison. He is only 17. I often felt he had a form of aspergers. He attended a few consultations but the consultant does not want to label him. Also my son does not want to attend any more sessions. He finds it very hard to open up and talk about what is happening inside his head. I have got to a stage where i cannot take any more of his behaviour it has caused so many problems in the household. he thinks completely different and has an answer to everything but never straight answers. the last straw came when i found some cannabis in his room he completely denied any knowledge of it but we know that he does smoke it. He says he was looking after it for a friend, but he could not see that he was disrespecting our family values and home. I think this seems to be a big issue that he does not see the consequences of things or think about other peoples feelings. Does not sleep much always restless at nighttime will often spend up to 3 to 4 hours on the phone.

Sorry to have to write you a negative letter. But I need help to try and help this teen to be a good person in society and to get some kind of education. I am probably one of many that has said I have tried everything!!!!! He is very talented in music and sport but he cant even be bothered to get him self ready or turn up on time.

help !!!



Hi B.,

You’ve mentioned quite a few problems here:

· poor academic performance
· time management difficulties
· lacks motivation
· mood swings
· brushes w/law
· possible cannabis abuse
· sleep problems

Not that this will be any consolation to you, but you just described all the other teens I work with.

Going on what you’ve told me, his behavior doesn’t seem to be reminiscent of Aspergers, rather ADHD.

Please review THIS PAGE re: poor academic performance and drug abuse. Also, I think the power point presentation FOUND HERE will be of some benefit.

In addition, CLICK HERE for a complete rundown on ADHD symptoms and treatment.

I trust that the above will shed some light on things,


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