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Teen S e x and Promiscuity

My 13 year old daughter is sexually promiscuous. I know she has had sex twice with one boy, one time being in a public toilet. She is not in a relationship with him. I know she has kissed three different boys this week. I cannot watch her 24 hours a day and I think that she will damage herself psychologically is she continues this destructive behavior. She doesn't know that I know all of this, but knows I found out about the sex. Any advice?

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Pjsplace said...

These statements are so true, my 13 year old daughter started having sex at 13 and got pregnant at 14 and gave birth to my grandson age 15 inspite of all my efforts to discourage her risky behavior.

Unknown said...

I would sit her down and talk about self respect. I'd ask if she honestly enjoyed sex in a public toilet and why. I'd ask her if it was worth the risk of pregnancy.

I'd also tell her that men are different from women and that if she wants to attract a quality man, she needs to delay having sex with him while she gets to know him. That if a guy is pressuring her or mocking her or only talks to her when he wants sex, that he doesn't care and certainly wouldn't support her if she fell pregnant or got a disease.

Failing that, I'd put her on the contraceptive implant so she at least won't get pregnant and talk to her about condoms and what to say if a boy doesn't want to wear one. Lastly, I'd talk about my own date rape and how it happened and the effect it had on me and my relationships.

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