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How do I deal with my ODD child?

How do I deal with my child? He has all the symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).


Hi T.,

Actually it will take the whole eBook to answer this question adequately.

But in brief, parents typically use the same parenting strategies with their ODD kid that they used with their other kids -- why not? They are basically all the same -- right? Wrong!

Traditional kids respond well to traditional parenting strategies. However, ODD kids use traditional parenting strategies against the parent. Parents of ODD kids are in a never ending cycle of sabotage with their ODD kid. If you are in a power struggle with your ODD kid -- he's winning!

In my eBook, I'm going to show you a set of "non-traditional" parenting strategies that will work -- and they will work almost immediately.

If your situation is like that of the other parents I work with, things are not getting better -- they're getting worse. So please don't wait any longer.

Here's to a better home environment,


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Anonymous said...

Having read through your page on ODD, I've realised that my 18 year old son Luke, ticks practically every box other than the vindictive behaviour. I'm a single parent and have brought him up alone since I split with his father who had a drink problem when he was 8. Luke was always a very strong willed boy and had trouble keeping friends. He was always falling out with them and was also quite intolerant of some. I managed to get a bursary for him to go to an independent boys school as he is very bright. Unfortunately, he was bullied and although it took a while for me to to sort it out, the school did and he was moved to a different class at the start of the new year but never forgot it. He is now 18 and has very little to do with any boys from his school. He hangs around with a crowd that take recreational drugs and although denies it, I'm certain he dabbles. He has a beautiful girlfriend, that most boys envy him for, but despite this never seems happy an!
d is always kicking off over tiny things. He screams abuse at me regularly, swearing constantly. It has got to a stage where I feel my relationship with him is at an all time low. I would be so grateful for any advice you could give me on how I can try and help him. I'm so worried this will ruin his adult life and cause him huge unhappiness. Regards Debbie

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