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U.S. Boarding Schools: Hawaii to Louisiana

Boarding Schools in Hawaii--

Hawaii Preparatory Academy
The Hawaii Preparatory Academy is the premier college preparatory boarding and day school for the Pacific region. Its character and personality derive from six emphases: 1)putting students first, 2)striving for excellence, 3)concern for the individual, 4)accepting, appreciating, and seeking challenges, 5)being consistent, and 6)exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior. Programs emphasize the intellectual, physical, moral, and spiritual development of students to help them achieve their highest potential as individuals and members of society.

Boarding Schools in Idaho--

Academy Ranches A private, therapeutic residential program on a ranch setting for at-risk and struggling boys ages 12 to 17. Academy Ranches treatment philosophy is centered on the healing ability of horses, hard work, and education.

Boarding Schools in Illinois--

Brehm Preparatory School
Brehm’s mission is to empower students with complex learning disabilities to recognize and optimize their full potential. By fostering a family environment where educational, social, and emotional needs of each student are addressed in a focused, holistic program, through partnership among staff, students, parents, board, and the community.

Broadview Academy
Broadview Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist residential high school located in La Fox, Illinois. Over the span of 90 years, more than 3,000 graduates have left the halls of learning to serve around the world.

Glenwood School
Glenwood is a safe-place for kids to live, learn and grow! With campuses in Glenwood and St. Charles, Illinois, Glenwood is a preventative residential-educational program serving low-income, mostly single-parent families facing difficult circumstances.

Lake Forest Academy
Lake Forest Academy, founded in 1857, is an independent, coeducational, boarding/day, college preparatory school, grades nine through twelve, strives to embody in its practices and to cultivate in its students excellence of character, scholarship, citizenship, and responsibility.

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, founded in 1858, is an independent, Catholic, boarding and day, college preparatory school for young women, grades 9-12, who wish to pursue a course of study committed to academic excellence within the context of a faith-based community.

Boarding Schools in Indiana--

Culver Military Academy
The Culver Academies are independent college preparatory boarding schools comprised of Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy. Henry Harrison Culver founded Culver Military Academy in 1894 "for the purpose of thoroughly preparing young men for the best colleges, scientific schools and businesses of America."

Howe Military School
The mission of Howe Military School is to prepare young men and women for advanced education while developing the individual character required for success in any endeavor. We accomplish this mission through a three-pronged approach to education: Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical, with the goal of the attainment of a clean mind in a sound body.

LaLumiere School
For almost a half-century, LaLumiere School has provided a comprehensive college-preparatory education for qualified young men and women from a rich diversity of backgrounds. It seeks to develop character, scholarship, and faith, while remaining both independently accredited and faithful to its Catholic heritage.

Boarding Schools in Iowa--

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment was founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to provide Consciousness-Based education for the preschool through secondary levels. Consciousness-Based education enlivens the whole brain physiology of the student, thereby providing the basis for the experience of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. This holistic development of consciousness brings fulfillment to the study of all academic disciplines and provides the basis for success in the student's own life and for society as a whole.

Scattergood Friends School
In addition to providing a solid foundation for higher education, Scattergood is a learning community that fosters creativity in the arts, the practical application of knowledge through work and service, and cooperation and enjoyment in living with others. Scattergood is guided by the values of integrity, simplicity, and harmony with others and with nature.

Boarding Schools in Kansas--

Maur Hill-Mount Academy
Maur Hill-Mount Academy is a Catholic, college preparatory school educating young men and women in the Benedictine tradition of prayer, work, and love of learning. Through emphasis on loyalty, obedience, honesty, humility, and good works, we help local, national, and international youths mature as individuals who respect and care for others and understand their world.

St. John's Military School
St. John's continues to train young men to harbor the cherished qualities of honesty, loyalty and duty. Their vision for the future is to follow in the footsteps of the founders of the school by providing a unique place for young men to learn and incorporate self-discipline and respect, while keeping our academics current and practical in an ever-changing world.

Thomas More Prep-Marian
Thomas More Prep-Marian offers an off-campus residential program for young men and women. School officials review and evaluate each application for the residency programs. Applicants for these programs must meet a criteria.

Boarding Schools in Kentucky--

Oakdale Christian Academy
A Christian boarding school, Oakdale offers students a rigorous academic environment, along with a chance to grow spiritually, and a rich extracurricular program. In our small classes, teachers challenge and encourage students to excel academically, and through the living and learning environment students are directed toward a Christ-centered life of service.

Oneida Baptist Institute
Oneida Baptist Institute is a Christian Boarding school for students in grades 6-12. OBI's mission is to help students who need a new beginning in academics, relationships and life. Any student who is emotionally and physically able to live away from home in a boarding school environment is probably appropriate for Oneida.

Boarding Schools in Louisiana--

Academy of the Sacred Heart
Enriched by a 200-year tradition of teaching, within a national and international network of Sacred Heart schools, the Academy of the Sacred Heart prepares students to become confident, faith-filled, and effective leaders of tomorrow. The very intention of Sacred Heart education is to educate the "whole child."

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