Education and Counseling for Individuals Affected by Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD

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List of Online and Virtual Schools K - 12 (and beyond)

My child was diagnosed with ODD three years ago; it is getting worse. She is now facing expulsion from school as she cannot control her behavior. We are looking at online high schools. Do you have any suggestions?

Following is a comprehensive list of virtual schools — coursework from an accredited private school or accredited not-for-profit or publicly-funded institution, taught primarily through online methods:

·         ^ 21st Century Cyber CS Web site
·         ^ ACHIEVEk12 Web site
·         ^ Achievement House CS Web site
·         ^ Akron Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ Alaska Virtual School website
·         ^ Appleton eSchool Web site
·         ^ Beacon Academy Nevada website
·         ^ CIS eLearning Consortium
·         ^ CVCS website
·         ^ Delta Cyber School
·         ^ Denali Career School
·         ^ Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ ECOT website
·         ^ eDCSD Web site
·         ^ Edison Academy Web site
·         ^ Franklin University Web site
·         ^ Georgia Cyber Academy website
·         ^ Goal Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ Hawaii Virtual School website
·         ^ IDEAL-NM website
·         ^ Insight School website
·         ^ Internet Academy website
·         ^ iQ Academy Arizona website
·         ^ iQ Academy Kansas website
·         ^ iQ Academy Nevada website
·         ^ iQ Academy Texas website
·         ^ iQ Academy Washington website
·         ^ iQ Academy Wisconsin website
·         ^ Kenosha eSchool Web site
·         ^ Kiel eSchool Web site
·         ^ LearnNowBC website
·         ^ MoVIP website
·         ^ MP3 website
·         ^ MU High School website
·         ^ NCSSM DLT Website
·         ^ NJVS website
·         ^ NVVA website
·         ^ OHDELA Web site
·         ^ Olympus High School Web site
·         ^ Open High School of Utah
·         ^ OVHS website
·         ^ OVS website
·         ^ PA Distance Learning Web site
·         ^ Rural Virtual Academy Web site
·         ^ School Texas Virtual website
·         ^ SVS website
·         ^ TCDSB eClass Online Learning
·         ^ TDSB Virtual School Home Page
·         ^ The Delta Academy Web site
·         ^ TRECA Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ TRECA Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ TRECA Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ TRECA Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ TRECA Digital Academy Web site
·         ^ United Virtual Schools website
·         ^ Unlimited Classroom Web site
·         ^ Utah Electronic school website
·         ^ UVA website
·         ^ Vilas Online Web site
·         ^ Virtual Academy Web site
·         ^ Virtual Middle School Web site
·         ^ VLA website
·         ^ WAAT's Achieve Online site
·         ^ WIVA website
·         ^ WOLF website
·         ^ YRDSB Virtual Schooling

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