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Do you need help disciplining your child?

Do you need help disciplining your child? If you're constantly arguing and fighting with someone more than half your age, tune in for a "Reality Check" with Life Coach and Contributing Author for, Chandra Alexander, and learn why when you feel out of control - your child will be out of control as well.

1. If you have boundaries and discipline, so will your child. Boundaries make children feel safe.

2. Both parents need to be consistent and in sync with one another - children naturally play one against the other.

3. Do not say you are going to do something and then not do it. Children listen when they respect.

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The Strong-Willed Out-of-Control Teen

The standard disciplinary techniques that are recommended for “typical” teenagers do not take into account the many issues facing teens with serious behavioral problems. Disrespect, anger, violent rages, self-injury, running away from home, school failure, hanging-out with the wrong crowd, drug abuse, theft, and legal problems are just some of the behaviors that parents of defiant teens will have to learn to control.

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