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I have no support system...


I've followed week 1 exactly as written but not sure if I'm ready to move on to next step. My child is 15 yr old with ADD, ODD, depression, and currently not attending school because he was moved to an alternative setting and he "doesn't like it". I don't feel ready to move to next step with him. I have no support system (family and or friends to talk with and or help me with this child). Should I just move on and let the school situation play out on its own? I need your advice, thanks.


Hi T.,

Yes, you want to keep moving forward. Most of the members of Online Parent Support are single moms who get little or no support from others. You are in the majority.

You really do need to find some support however. Consider the following resources:

· Pastors/Ministers of your local church or synagogue
· Counselors/Therapists at your local Mental Health facility
· School counselors
· Your local Department of Family & Children Services

Investigate your community to see what services they offer. I’m sure there are a few service providers that you are unaware of. Don't be afraid to reach out. There are people right now somewhere who would be eager to help you.


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