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Getting her up for school and out the door...

Mark, I first want to thank you for such a wonderful online tool for parents who are at their wits end. I listened to and read the video suggesting you put on your best poker face. This is easier said than done but working on it. I do provide a lot of intensity for my 8 year old. The past few weeks the recurrent argument is getting her up for school and out the door. I get angry because I am late for work. Obviously she needs to be held accountable for her dilly dallying, etc. However you can't leave an 8 year old by herself. So while I try to remain calm and have her do A, B, and C to get out the door what are some consequences that are realistic to hold her too. I am taking this program slowly but need some direction NOW to get out the door in the morning. This is ridiculous. And not a good way to start the day. Please help as I work this program. Many thanks, K.

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