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Behavior Problems at School

Recently my husband and I started your program. We started the program because of the problem of constant In School Suspension for my 13 yr old son. He is defiant. His last time in ISS was because of chewing gum in Music class. He was told to spit it out and then was later seen with gum again. He spent 3 days in ISS. Yesterday he somehow exploded his milk at lunch and wet himself and his food. This resulted in him loosing lunch, it was not replaced at school, and the school gave him one week in the back of the lunchroom by himself. 2-3 hours later my husband was able to take him dry clothes. I try very hard to support the school in order to show my son my support for their decisions. However, I find some of the consequences from the school as excessive. Am I wrong and just being over protective? What sort of punishment should I do at home for his trouble in school? The school is threatening to send him to a behavior school that even they think may do more harm than good. He was in 1/2 day ISS today for arguing with his teacher about a complete sentence. What can I do? ~ J.

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Amanda MacGregor My son is at one of those schools and he LOVES it there and he is doing so much better!!! I am having the opposite problem because our school district is threatening to bring him back to his regular school even though he wants to stay at the special school and our family is having a very hard time dealing with the fact that they may move him back against our wishes!
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Amanda MacGregor As for your situation...I don't know what state you are in but New York state has a law called the least restrictive environment that says it is best to try to keep a child at their home may want to look into the laws where you are from to find out what your sons rights are.

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