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It is time for a new day...

Well, I like making long stories short. At first, when we discussed household chores I met with resistance. It was during this time, that I was able to ask my son...

What have your father and I ever done to make you think that we are out to get you? (That is that "friend"'s way of thinking.) I also asked him how he would feel if I said bad things about him, in front of his friends. How could he call me psychotic and embarrass me like that. Why? I have always been in your corner? Haven't I.

At the time, there was an opportunity to discuss these issues, so I did. And regardless of what happened in the past, it is time for a new day, and changes in both of us, all of us.

I thought you would like to hear some good news, and affirmation that your concepts/ideas work. Thanks again.


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