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Signs of a Pot Head


I think my daughter still smokes a bit of pot, nothing like before, but she has been losing about 37 pounds in the last month, suffering anxiety attacks, back pain, etc. What should I be looking for?


Marijuana is usually smoked using cigarette rolling papers, a purchased water bong, or a makeshift bong that can be made from a variety of items. Hash can be smoked or eaten, and is sometimes cooked into baked goods.

What to look for:

· Bloodshot eyes
· Cigarette rolling papers
· Dilated (large) pupils
· Pipes, bongs, homemade smoking devices (you may see sticky residue from burned marijuana)
· Reduced motivation
· Seeds that have been cleaned from marijuana
· Sleepy appearance
· Smell on clothing, in room, or in car

Generally it can be difficult to recognize marijuana use if you don't see your child after smoking when she is still experiencing the effects of the drug.


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