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Teens & Alcohol

As a responsible, caring parent, I want my children to make responsible choices regarding alcohol use that are consistent with my beliefs and values. But it’s not a simple issue. We have alcohol in our home and with meals, but don’t want the kids to drink before they are adults. In the midst of these issues, our children see and hear numerous ads that promote alcohol. They may be curious, and—particularly as they grow older—face pressure from their peers to drink. How do you deal with this issue in a positive, healthy way?

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Anonymous said...

I have a 24 year old who has left home and hardly drinks, she was raised in a house where the dad drank quite a lot, from about 7 onwards i used to let her have a little taste if she asked which was like just wetting her lips, as she got older i would let her have a little glass of wine a port glass size, she never really liked it, it would often just sit in front of her at dinner time, but she never drank it, i really think that this helped her to not want to experiment and go crazy when she got to the legal drinking age. as it wasnt a taboo thing, but i also gave the talks of drinking responsibly, i have a 7 year old at home, and we have just started to let her have a sip too, and its amazing she doesnt like it. but i have seen the other side where relatives gave kids spirits in milk bottles which i was absolutly appalled at, and freely letting them drink from a very early age and i mean from as soon as they could drink out of a cup, these kids hve all turned into alcoholics, so i firmly believe letting them have a taste and i mean a taste, not a lot at all. hope that made sense
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Anonymous said...

I do not think adults should give children alcohol. That is crazy to me!

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