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A partial list of typical (and mostly ineffective) parenting strategies...

Below is a partial list of typical parenting strategies. Parents have found these strategies to have little or no effect on their out-of-control child's behavior:
  • Trying to "reason" with the child
  • Having "heart-to-heart" talks
  • Confrontation or being "assertive"
  • Grounding
  • Taking away privileges
  • Time-outs
  • Counseling
  • Having the child go live with his/her other parent (if parents are separated or divorced)
  • Trying to be a nicer parent
  • Trying to be a tougher parent
  • Having another family member "talk" to the child (e.g., aunt or uncle)  
  • "Giving in" and letting the child have her/his way
  • Verbal warnings
  • Ignoring misbehavior
  • Medication
  • Threatening to call the police
  • Calling the police
  • and so on...

Your out of control children will NEVER work for what YOU want.  But will they work for what THEY want? I'll show you how this works in my eBook.

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