Emails from a few of the parents who have joined Online Parent Support...

Emails from parents:

"I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for
your work! I think, I mean I KNOW that
your e-books and website are the most
informative I have ever seen. And I have
looked everywhere, read everything, tried
it all! Thank you!" - D.G.

“Your ebook is very thorough and has
helped me and my family immensely. My
husband and I have a better understanding
now!  Since completing the program, my
son Jonathon has brought his grades up
35%, and he is getting praise from his
teachers. The Assistant Principal wrote a
letter describing improvements in
Jonathan’s behavior and gave it to me at
the parent-teacher conference.” - T.S.

“We thank everyone involved with this
program.  We are using the techniques we
have learned on ALL of our children, not
just the one we were having trouble with.”
- A.J.

“I found your book very helpful, even
though our child was already in placement
at a juvenile facility.  Wish we had taken
this course years ago.” - T.P.

"I looked forward to each session. It was my
support to get through the week.  Plus I
looked forward to what new things to learn
to help with my child.  Thanks for your
help.  Thanks for being there." - J.D.

“Everything was helpful. I wish I had
known about this class 3 years ago. I hope
we haven’t waited too long to try these
parenting techniques.” - M.Q.

"I am very pleased to know I have
somewhere I can come for help -- and I
thank you for your help!" - A.H.

"I know if it hadn't been for this program,
my son would be in the 'system' and my
stress level would be through the roof."
- J.L.

"It's been 6 weeks since my wife and I
completed the ebook, and although things
are not perfect -- it's a lot better than it was!
Thanks." - S.H.

"The ebook was straight forward and
concise. It was good to see another
approach.  I wish we had started using
these techniques earlier." - L.D.

"This program should be mandatory for
some parents!" - J.H.

"I remember feeling so helpless, like I
couldn't do anything about the chaos and
drama in my home. I told myself, 'If you
haven't got the power, there is nothing you
can do about your situation' ...Seeing
myself as helpless insured paralysis and
provided a powerful rationale for doing
nothing. But now I feel empowered because
most of the things I'm trying actually
work." - M.C.

"I pretended that things were getting better
on their own, but this pretending took the
place of the effort required to bring about
real change. That's all over now. I'm taking
responsibility for my part of the problem,
and my daughter is accepting her part as
well." - B.E.

"I think my biggest problem was that I
didn't change the things that weren't
working. I kept using the same old
parenting strategies and hoped for different
results. This turned out to be almost as big
a problem as not trying to fix problems in
the first place. 
I have better  tools in my 

parenting toolbox now.  Thanks
for all your help." - G.B.

"I realized I was very good at allowing my
children to be independent, but I was not
very good at setting clear and firm limits
for behavior. My children easily discovered
rules that could be broken if their protests
were long and loud enough ...Often times, I
just wanted to avoid the hassle of a conflict.
It was easier for me to let the rules slide
than to deal with the fuss. Also, it was
sometimes hard to refuse my children
anything, because I didn't want them to be
unhappy. I thought "unhappy children"
equals "bad parents."  And I guess at some
level, I was afraid my children would
become angry and hate me if I tried to set
boundaries. Now I know that children want
to know that their parents are in charge;
they need structure and limits. This
concept alone is helping me immensely."
- J.W.

"Just a short note to say thanks. We are
now well into your assignments and things
are going well. As you predicted, things got
a lot worse to begin with, but the three kids
and both parents are starting to settle well.
We are getting into a routine, and now "no"
is truly beginning to mean "no."In addition,
consequences to actions are beginning to be
followed, and your method of getting them
to do something is very effective. Many
thanks. I hope it's still o.k. to write with
any questions as they come along, as I feel
we are only part way through. And as they
get older, new things are going to appear.
Thanks again." - M.V.

"Thanks for the accommodations. You are a
big help. I started some of the pointers that
we've talked about, and I see some good
effects. It's very hard to switch emotions,
but I'm trying my best. I think I will be
sending you a lot of thanks for this book and
for the warm accommodation on the first
phone consultation.  I know I got the right
help now. I wish God will give you more
time to accommodate parents like me."
- K.N.

"My husband and I have been going over
your book and we have found it to be
incredibly helpful.  I am still losing control
over myself and getting into screaming
matches with my ODD kid, but we are still
doing better than before we found your
book." - C.K.

“Thank you for saving my family. When
my 13-year-old daughter turned into an
angry out of control person last spring
I had no idea of how to handle her. Nor did
the therapists I consulted. I thought I might
have to put her into a nearby residential
treatment program. I found your web-site
and downloaded your book. I refer to it as
"the Bible." My daughter's behavior turned
around the instant I stood up to her and
gave her limits. The change was amazing
and all for the good. It has helped me to be
clear, less reactive, calmer, more loving -
and a lot firmer. If a situation arises, I feel
that I know what to do and what action to
take. In other words, you are a genius!
I am deeply grateful.” - R.B.

"Thanks again Mark. I have been very
impressed with your advice and felt I
should "pay it forward" as we feel we are
getting such extreme value for our money.
As such, I sent your web mail address to the
doctor who was "trying" to help us. Our son
was so extremely disrespectful during our
visit with the doctor that the doc was
exasperated at the end and told us there
was nothing more he could do and so we
should consider kicking him out at 18 and
prior to that, send him to a home for
"raging" kids if his behaviour continued. I
also note that our doctor has a Psychology
degree. I know he has many cases such as
ours, so I sent him your website to pass on
to other parents who would benefit from
this resource. Kindest regards." - S.T.

"Mark- I am only on the second week of
your program, but I'm already seeing an
amazing and positive difference in my
daughter. We have struggled with her
behavior since she was 9 months old. I was
humbled and astounded to learn that I was
a very big part of the problem in the way
that I was reacting to her. We actually
have some peace in our home and she even
hugs us and says “I love you” on a regular
basis. She has even begun apologizing for
getting angry and being unreasonable. The
next step is to help her bring her grades up
and stay out of trouble at school. I have
every confidence that we have turned a
corner and I’m referring everyone I know
to your program." - T.E.

"When I started the program, I felt so lost
and helpless.  Mark said things that made
me swear he knew my child personally.
Everything I read seemed to be about my
child.  This was how I knew this program
was different, and that it could work.  The
steps were easy to follow, and the results
were fast.  When we took the parenting
quiz, I scored an 80 and my husband scored
100.  This really opened our eyes. Now all
3 of my children are happier and easier to
deal with." - K.J.

"I wanted to say thank you for all your
support, sound advice, and speedy
responses last year. You were the only
person I could speak with, and you helped
me enormously." - M.E.

"I have purchased your e-book and cds...
just wanted to say how amazing your work
is proving to be.  I work in field of
psychiatry but have struggled to discipline
my son and to understand his behaviour.
I have put in to practice the first week
session and already it is working.  Your
insight into teenagers is amazing... it was
like you had written it all for my son and I.
Thank you, a 1000 times, thank you.  I’ll
keep you informed of J__’s progress, my 16
year old out of control teenager!" - T.W.

"I am so thankful and blessed I found
your website.  I am incorporating your
suggestions into my life with my 15-year-
old daughter – and things are going so
much better.  We are both trying and,
though she still goes to counseling, I feel
like I have tools to work with her now.
Thanks a $$$million and God Bless You!"
- P.O.

"Thanks Mark.  After reading some of your
ebook, it makes me realize areas we have to
work on. Not ONE counselor we've ever
seen has ever made more sense -- we've
wasted dozens of hours in counseling. We
are going to take some positive steps
forward now." - E.S.

"Today, I spoke to my son's former counselor
(whom I was asking for a referral for
another counseling, which I did before I
found your ebook). I told her, “I think I
don't need it for now,” because I found your
site. I gave her your site and told her to
spread the word about your ebook, since
her job deals with parents and kids of
similar problems. In a week's time, I've seen
a great change. Now my 2nd son (AJ) asks
permission before he goes out of the house
and calls me when he can't come home on
the agreed time. I can also see some smiles
on his face little by little. Thanks again for
all the help!" - F.D.

"Just started reading your Ebook and
WOW, even if my daughter who is 14 is
not as bad as some, just dealing with small
issues compared to some,  I just have this
calming feeling that we are going to be o.k.
I started the techniques from Assignment 1
and already can see a look of astonishment
on my daughter's face." - W.A.

"I should mention our successes. Last week,
our son received a merit award at school
assembly for  his ‘amazing improvements’
in class. He was also sent to the headmaster
to show him a piece of creative writing he’d
done, which was beautiful, detailed and
above all way beyond what he was asked to
do (he had been doing absolute minimum,
and nowhere near what he is capable of).
The headmaster wrote him a note of
congratulations, which he proudly brought
home. Mark, I just want you to know this is
completely unprecedented. I believe it is
entirely due to the recent changes we’ve
made by following your program . As you
mentioned, it is going to take some time to
turn around behaviour that has become
habit over 11 years, and I’m sure there are
continuing challenges ahead, but we really
want to thank you this program, and the
insight and support it provides. Best
regards." - L.H.

"Thank you for your program.  I'm totally
desperate to fix this worsening situation in
our home. I was so stressed out before
finding your website and program, that
even after I purchased it (with scepticism),
it took all my energy to read Session 1. Now
I see all the things I am doing wrong (I'm a
text book case of the over-indulgent parent
and the queen of advance credit) and
realise there's hope - and we haven't tried
everything." - D.N.

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I was
trawling the WWW at 02.30 for some help
and found your sight and thought I would
have a look. I sat in tears listening to you it
was like you had stepped into my home and
seen the destruction, the tears became
tears of relief that I could possibly make a
change in my parenting that could help
change my children's behaviour and so I
signed up. It has taken me 2 weeks to get
thought the first chapter on to assignment
1 but I have already seen tiny creaks for
the better in all our behaviour. Assignment
1 starts today. Once again… thank you for
putting your expertise on the WWW as we
live in England. Although youth offending
team do a program like yours called tripe P,
it is too soft in its approach, so that I as a
parent disconnected with it." - E.B.

"I had problems with my 15-year-old
daughter last year and found your online
course. I can’t even begin to tell you how
helpful it was in turning my daughter
around.  I followed it up with a trip to
Uganda – just the 2 of us – for 15 days last
summer, which forced us to bond. It’s been
a great year this year and I want to thank
you for your huge part in that. No more
sleepless nights.  Your website gets lots of
referrals from me! I think your method
utilizing online courses and support groups
is brilliant. Warm regards." - M.H.

"I've already recommended this program
to several families. I do not believe this
program is for just out-of-control teens.
I think every parent can benefit from this
program. I wish I had access to something
like this when my children were young.
It would have saved us a lot of heart ache
now. You really need to franchise this
program to other areas. I would love to
attend a seminar, but live too far from you.
It would be great to have one in my area."
- K.P.

"Thank You Mark! Our prayers were
answered with your program/ministry.
We are gradually reclaiming control of our
family. THANK YOU for bringing love,
peace and harmony to our family once and
for all this time.  Yes there are still those
idle complaints here and there and the
occasional gnashing of teeth.  But this time
it is our kids and not us the parents whom
we find gnashing their teeth and
complaining.  That is a sign of order just
as God our Father has intended it to be.

"I just have to let you know that I just
started reading your book...I am in tears
as I am reading.  It is like you have been
hanging out in our home, watching us.  We
are on our 4th therapist in a 3 year period
and not one of them have seemed to have a
grasp on what we are dealing with, but
your first few chapters have summed us up
almost immediately.   I had to stop and say
thank you." - M.J.

"I am so thankful and blessed I found
your website.  I am incorporating your
suggestions into my life with my 15-year-
old daughter – and things are going so
much better.  We are both trying and,
though she still goes to counseling, I feel
like I have tools to work with her now.
Thanks a $$$million and God Bless You!"
- J.Y.

"I have been using your program for about
a month now, I am on chapter 3, and I
have to tell you----THANK YOU!!!!!   I
finally have had PEACE in my life.  My
children are doing their chores.  I have not
argued with my teenager (15) during all
this time. Life is good again, and I feel
confident and supported. My husband and
I were making mistakes without even
knowing.  I'll keep you posted. So far so
good!!!" - F.J.

"I started using the language and skills
suggested and WOW what a difference it's
making already! My most defiant child is
being positive, kind and respectful to me.
It's hard to change, but I'm convinced this
is going to work for my family. I've learned
that my actions have a direct effect on my
children, and when I show them respect I
get it right back! Thank you so much for
retraining me!" - T.K.

"I wanted to tell you how important a
resource your program was for me a few
years ago.  One of my sons is extremely
strong willed.  He was always a very good
student and athlete in high school but
started drinking and smoking pot, was
extremely rude and disrespectful to us and
oftentimes very angry.  During this time
I could never trust him.  He oftentimes
snuck out windows late at night.  It was a
very difficult situation for all of us.  Willing
to try anything, I scoured the internet and
came across your site.  This was the most
important purchase that I ever made
online.  I printed this manual out at home
and referenced it many, many times over
the next year or so.  My husband and I were
often not "on the same page" in dealing with
our son's behavior.  I would directly quote
your instructions to him anytime he tried
to let one of our son's bad behaviors slide.
Your program worked. We came to find out
much later that our son had been
experiencing severe anxiety and panic
attacks.  During one bad attack at school
he left the building, drove away and called
me.  Thank God he had the courage to
finally confide in me what he had been
experiencing for a long time. He finally
agreed to go to therapy which also helped
him tremendously (as long as you find the
right one).  My son is now in his second
year of college. He continues to be a
wonderful student and athlete, and I now
have my "old son" back. He is enjoying life
and is a delight to be around. He is still
very strong willed and always will be, but
that is now serving him well.  I can't thank
you enough.  You were the start of saving
my son's life and putting him back on
track.  My advice to any parent who is
having problems with their teens would be
to try to follow your program and don't
give up on your child.  It is worth all of the
effort! Thanks again." - A Forever Grateful

"My child had been on medication for ADD
for several years.  It never seemed to help
the way we hoped. His anger was out of
control and most of the walls in our home
had holes from him punching them.  He
was violent with his siblings and distant
from us. I found your program while
looking for a treatment facility to send him
away to.  I knew it was not safe for his
brother and sister if he stayed in our home.
About 2 and a half weeks into your
program we were able to take him off the
medication and he continued to improve.
(His doctor insisted we were making a huge
mistake and that medication was the only
way to help him.)  He is changing into a
more confident self-controlled person
thanks to your program. He used to scream
at me how much he hated me.  Now when
he does not get his way he will yell, “Why
are you such a good parent??? God, I love
you so much!!  Why can't you be a rotten
parent like my friends parents???” He will
try to sound angry, but he is letting me
know he is happier with the way things are
now.  He is learning to diffuse tense
situations as well.  We have both become
better people.  Thank you for giving me my
son back." - K.K.

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