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Son Is Morbidly Obese

“Mark, I have a problem with my 15-year-old son -- he's lazy! He comes home from school, flops out in the easy chair, eats a bunch of junk, and watches TV or plays his video games for pretty much the rest of the evening. My concern is that he has no social life really -- plus he is now grossly over-weight. Any suggestions? Thanks.”

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Anonymous said...

This happened to my cousin. The entire family decided to go on walks every day and eat better to be supportive. Unfortunately, 2 years later, Christopher is 17 and even bigger. My auntie and Uncle look great and my aunt even has stopped losing her hair. At some point, he is going to have to own his behavior. He may be too old at this point. Does your kid work? I found that working at a restaurant was a BAD idea for an over weight teen because the free food is too easy to access

Anonymous said...

The boy in the picture is such a tub of lard! His neck is even hidden behind his double chin and porky face! I wonder how can parents let their child get this obese!

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