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Desperate mom searches for quick fix...

OK, I ordered your book, read some of it by skipping around for now, hoping for an answer to help get me started and so far I have tried all that I have been reading.

My most desperate question involves my son leaving mad, staying out all night or days at a time and not contacting me so I know where he is or whom he is with. I started out with grounding him to the house, which didn't work as he comes and goes, when I am not home, as he pleases.

He went so far as to skip school one day having a "female friend"over and then lied about not going to school. He told me if I didn't ask him questions he wouldn't have to lie to me. I have recently taken his house key and he still left then came back the following evening at knocking on the door because it was locked. I set his book bag outside and told him was not getting in. He responded with "you knew where I was" and I chose not to respond back so he left. I hated doing this but he is constantly leaving and not coming home when he is mad, then calls my daughter's cell phone to see if I am he has accomplished what he set out to do. I know I am asking a lot seeing as I have just begun your program but as I stated, what I have read, been there done that.




Let's do this ...most of the answers to your questions and problems are addressed in the ebook. I would ask that you read the ENTIRE ebook and listen to ALL the audio files. Then email me a specific problem (just one or two at a time).

Take a deep breath. This will take a little time to turn around.

Thank you,


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