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I am just hanging on!

Hi Mark

Well I did not skip to lesson #3 I am just hanging on!

I told C___ issue lesson #1 tips on what I needed him to do etc. not using the you and steps in lesson #1 and everything the first night it worked. He was even home earlier then curfew agreed upon.

Last night I used the same technique and he said I told you that he was staying out all night some where. I said I expected him home etc.

He said the was saying at M___'s house and he was out with some other friends etc. and that Mark was leaving the door open for him.

This morning I phoned over to M___'s house and he did not stay there the mother checked the house. I called his cell phone and he said he stayed at some girl's house and would be home later.

I called another friend of his and he said he was out with the drug seller in our neighbourhood last night as well. This girl he was with also does drugs. His friend said he is smoking pot and doing mushrooms as well.

Today he came back home and is sleeping all day. I used the assignment I love you and there are going to be changes around here. Do I just sit tight until I get to the next lesson? What should I do? He said this afternoon when he got up for a bit that he did tell me he was going to be out some night this week for the whole night>



Hi A.,

I know this is hard for you to "hang on." But if you do not lay down the groundwork first (outlined in the beginning of the program), then you'll run the risk of failure with this method.

Re: Do I just sit tight until I get to the next lesson? What should I do?

Parents should use their old parenting methods until they are instructed to do otherwise (which you will be in Sessions #3 and #4).

Patience is key when implementing change!


My Out-of-Control Teen

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