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Our son has not been a threat to society before or during probation...


I have been working on the program from you, although I am only in my second week. We had our Staffing Meeting today to determine placement for D. My husband and I tried to plead our case to the man who will make the recommendation to the court on Tuesday (22nd). Of course he recommended a Level 6 program for 6-9 months. Our son has not been a threat to society before or during probation and we tried to make the man understand that. We shared the strides D has made, but like any teenager he has made some mistakes. We know D has a long way to go and we want to be there for him to help.

Do you know any web pages I can go on to support what we believe, D will not benefit from a Level 6 program?

In advance, thanks for any advise you may be able to provide.



Hi R.,

I'm not familiar with a "Level 6" program. Are you referring to the Department of Corrections -- or a juvenile treatment facility?



The recommendation is to a Level 6 Juvenile Detention Facility. Level 4 is the lowest in Florida, but I have a feeling there were not any beds and so he was bumped up to a level 6.



Juvenile Detention (at least in Indiana) is much different than the Dept. of Corrections. The longest a juvenile can be detained in a Juvenile Facility is 180 days.

In any event, you should allow your son to experience the full consequences associated with his poor choices. If that's 6 - 9 months of incarceration -- then so be it.


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