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PC Tattletail

Also I am looking for some software to monitor my children's activity on the internet.
Any suggestions???

I am also thinking of disabling my daughters myspace account, as she has even had horrible arguments with friends on this site, which resulted in her taking off...
I do attempt to stand for a moment to monitor what they are doing, and get SCREAMED at as well as cursed at "you are so stupid, LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Horrible to have your child screaming at you and to have the tail wag the dog...




Hi K.

Here's what I use in my house: PC-Tattletale Parental Control Software


Anonymous said...

The very best software I have found is called Spectorsoft. They have a home edition. It allows you to install and monitor in stealth mode, which means your teen will not know you are watching them. It is a keystroke program which means it records EVERY keystroke made on the computer from emails, chats, websites visited and blogs read. It is unbelievable! It takes snapshots of the screen and stores them and you simply enter your passcode to see all activity. You can even note keywords you want it to notify you of if your teen looks anything up or writes anything that containes "the" word.

I love it, and it works. Try to resist the temptation to tell your teen you installed it (only takes about 10 min to install if that). My mouth get me in lots of trouble sometimes! lol

Even IF they are trying to hide something, Spectorsoft finds it!

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I recently puchased the PC Tattletale software and did discover that my daughter is using faul language when chatting with friends that she might not even know! She chats with several people and the nature of the conversations are very sexually explicit - they would say to her that they are "horny for her and want to F*** her". This was a big shock for us!

She is going for psychotherapy and her psychologist said that it is important to discuss this with her. She has a lot of anger because of peer pressure and feels that we do not listen to her. When talking to her we used all the strategies you suggest in your program and she said that there is a lot of peer pressure to speak and write using disgusting language. It felt to me as if she wanted to convince us that this is "normal" for teens to converse in this manner.


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