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I've already learned new strategies...

Hey Mark,

I downloaded my printable version of your book yesterday. Uhhh...I couldn't print it out cuz my printer was out of ink!!! This is just a teensy weensy setback, which will be remedied today.

I spent a bit of time reading the first part of the book. I've gotta say - I'm impressed! Just from the small amount of reading I did - I've already learned new strategies. For instance...

Last son decided to "do his thang!" Normally, this results in a verbal version of "Hell In A Cell" between him and I that could rival a Smackdown match featuring: The Undertaker vs Batista but nuh uh...I didn't react. Plain and simple. I understand exactly what you mean when you say that our kids want us to react. My poor baby was so disappointed...but guess what? I have one less gray hair - already!!! *two thumbs up!*

I am really looking forward to further reading and doing the assignments, once I print out the book. I will also listen to the online version of the ebook as you suggested. I'm up for getting all the knowledge I can. But I'm fully aware that obtaining knowledge and strategies are not enough. We have to utilize them if we want results. When you utilize knowledge and make it part of your life - it becomes wisdom. After all, it starts with me - then filters down to my kids.

Thank you Mark, for sharing your wisdom and showing me, as a parent, that there is always hope. That's a wonderful feeling - it's also very infectious!

I'll be in touch.



My Out-of-Control Teen

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