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Will this program help me?

Hi Mr. Hutten,
I have just seen your website and it looks very encouraging.
I have a 14 year old son who is very disrespectful, talks to me like he is talking to his school friends, he gets agitated quickly, he loses his temper quickly, you cannot confront him, as he will want to fight me, and has before, he also threatens me.
I have had to send him to his dads house to live for 3 months to let him see that it is not all roses and he cant live with me unless he changes, unfortunately, he loves it at his dads house, because his dad only comes there maybe once a week as he lives with his girlfriend and my son goes out every weekend and now I have heard he is beginning to hang around with gangs, he also when at home was not allowed to go out to the shop late at night and now goes to the shop on a school night as late as midnight, his father hardly buys food for him in the house, I do supply him with food and lunch money, but I cannot have him at home until as I say he gets better, otherwise, he will continue, as he always says I say things and don’t carry them out, so I have to carry this out.
I’m wondering if your program would help me and my son, even though he is not living in my house at the moment as when I call him he gets irritable if I ask him where he is or who he is with or just doesn’t answer his phone.
I am a desperate parent and need to act urgently, as my eldest 27yr old son says I am signing a death sentence for my 14yr old by leaving him at his dads, but again if I have him at home it would be like I am a domestic violence case, just keep saying he will do better, but still accepting and putting up with his behaviour.
My son is due to come back just before xmas, but nothing has changed as yet he is getting worse.
I want to join your program today, but if this is not for me then I need to find something else.
He has also been in trouble with the law, and that is when he lived with me, he argues a lot with me constantly, and doesn’t give up asking for things even when I say no, he tries to wear me down, he also deliberately annoys people, and blames others for his mistakes, does not like rules,
I just need to get him to a level of giving me respect before he comes back in order to work with him and get things better.
Will this program help me?
Looking forward to your reply as if it will help I will join straight away.
Desperate mother js
Hi J.,
I’m sure you will benefit from my help. In the unlikely event this program does not work for you, just email me with a request for refund and ClickBank will immediately refund 100% of your purchase – no questions asked. I don’t want you to waste your money.
The parents I work with have tried very hard to address their child’s emotional and behavioral problems on their own, but with little or no success. And it seems the harder they try, the worse it gets.
Every Monday night at Madison Superior Court [Div. 2], I meet with a group of parents who are at a loss on what to do or how to help. We meet for 1 hour each session for 4 Mondays.
During our brief time together, I show the parent how to use some highly effective “unconventional” parenting strategies to use with their out-of-control, “unconventional” child.
I follow up with these parents weeks and months after they complete the program to track their success, and 80% - 90% of them report back to me that problems in the home have reduced in frequency and severity, and that the parent-child conflict is finally manageable.
Now I want to show YOU what I show them. I want to teach YOU how to approach your child -- in spite of all the emotional and behavioral problems.
There is no need for you to continue living as a frustrated, stressed-out parent. I will help you resolve most of the behavioral problems, but I can’t do it for you!
If you will read my eBook, listen to my talks, view my videos and power point presentations, and email me with specific questions as you go along – you WILL get the problems turned around. If you will take a step of faith here, you WILL experience the same success that thousands of other parents are now enjoying.
After years of dealing with strong-willed, defiant children, many parents feel so defeated that they believe nothing or nobody will be able to help them – they think it’s simply “too late.” But I promise you – it is NOT too late!!
If you’re tired of disrespect, dishonesty, arguments, hot tempers, etc., and if things are steadily getting worse as time goes by, then you may want to get started with these parenting strategies today.
I'm not a “miracle worker,” but you don't need a miracle to get your kid on a good track behaviorally and emotionally -- you just need the right combination of these “unconventional” parenting strategies I’d like to show you.
I’m here for you should you decide to Join Online Parent Support…
Mark Hutten, M.A.
Online Parent Support
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