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What now?

Our 15 yr old will not go to the doctors with us. He agrees to go then starts a fight just before we need to go so that we end up not going. This week he has smashed two house phones, put holes in walls, doors, spat at me and threatened to run away and kill himself. How do we get him to the doctors? He has also refused the medication the doctor wanted to put him on and when I asked if we could get it and slip it to him quietly, the doctor said that it was unethical!! What now?


Yes … that would be unethical. Have you downloaded the eBook? If so, have you listened to ALL the audio? If not, please do so, because the long answer (which is what you need) to your question - “What now?” - is in there, specifically the technique entitled “When You Want Something From Your Kid” in the Anger Management chapter of the Online Version of the eBook. Please read that chapter and listen to all the audio there, then email me again with any specific questions you may have regarding implementing that particular strategy.


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