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My daughter stole my car! What to do?

Recently I became the recipient of a $720 phone bill, courtesy of my 15 year old daughter, A___. After confronting A___ about her phone usage I asked her to give me her phone. She refused and a short while later left the house, presumably to gather her wits. A short while later my wife noticed my car was missing. My daughter had taken my car! My daughter does not have a driver's permit or insurance. A short time later my daughter called us from her friend's house, about 5 miles away. She was safe, and so was the car. In the meantime we had called the police. We knew she had to face consequences for her actions. The police officer explained that we had several choices on how to proceed with a juvenile (after bringing her home):

1. Do nothing (leaving the consequences up to us as parents)
2. Write her tickets for Driving Without a License, Driving without Insurance, Car Theft, and Breech of Trust. I would have to pay those tickets.
3. Write her tickets and set a court date in the Family Court. I would pay for the tickets and court costs.
4. Declare her an Incorrigible Child and give up our rights as parents.
5. Have the officers talk to A___ and then leave the consequences up to us as parents.

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Unknown said...

Was your daughter involved in any extra things in school like
Cheer leading,softball etc? And if she is,did you take those things away from her for this?

Jadi C. said...

My 13 year old stole my car, while I was sleeping, and went to pick a 16 year old boy that she just met on Snapchat. She drove on 2 freeways, it was 20 mins from our home. I'm a single mom and I need advice.

Anonymous said...

My 13 year old stole my car last night and I’m about to WHIP HIS ASS!!!

Anonymous said...

My son drove on 2 motorways last night after I’d fallen asleep and he’s only 13
I’m at my wits end aswell and no idea what to do
Just so thankful I didn’t get a phone call to go and view his body

Anonymous said...

My daughter stole my car at 1:30a this morning, deputy showed. She's safe but I'm lost as to what to do...I'm a single mom

Anonymous said...

My close to 14 years old son stole my car last night. Came back 6h later and begun a festival of the most colorful insults in the most irate way because I had dared calling the sheriff. That is the last straw of a series of defiances, one more colorful than the other. He is going to be evaluated impatient and will start a more extensive therapy. I already contacted the youth judge and explained to him that the next step would be their decision. I am unfortunately not confident in the outcome. He acts as this is common occurrence at his age. I am stunned to see that other parents deal with similar defiance.

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