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Greetings Mark-

I am a social worker who delivers programs for parents and teens in conflict within their family. I am interested in your book, however, I would like to know if it would be applicable in a group setting. I work with the parents in one group and female teens in another group. I would like to know whether you have assessment/ evaluation tools for each person in the family. Each person does a personal evaluation at the beginning of the program and again at the end. I am looking for a comprehensive, easily understood tool. I thank you for considering my request and look forward to hearing back from you.

Barbara Thomas
Family Enhancement Program


Hi Barbara,

Yes. It is applicable to a group setting. That's how I use it every week. My group is called the Parent Support Group. The online version, Online Parent Support (OPS), is the online version of the program.

Re: assessment tool. I only do a post-assessment and would be glad to offer that should you decide to use OPS for your groups.


Online Parent Support

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