This is just as much about my "self discovery" as a person and as a parent as it is about my daughter...

Hi Mark,

I just signed up for the Online Parent Support and have just completed Week #1.

After years of misbehaviour and conflict I took my daughter (just turned 11) to see a Pediatrician, on the recommendation of my family physician. After my first visit and interview with the Pediatrician, I was told that "if you look up ODD in the dictionary, you would likely see a picture of your daughter". We talked a little about this disorder and when I left his office I actually felt some relief that there was a reason my daughter behaves the way she does.

When I got home I went onto the internet wanting to find out as much as possible about this disorder so I could have a better understanding what was going on with her. During my research, I found your Online Parent Support website. As I read through some of the information, I thought this was exacting what I was looking for. When I signed up for the course I was desperate for answers as to why my daughter behaves and responds they way she does.

Since completing Week #1, I have found that this is just as much about my "self discovery" as a person and as a parent as it is about my daughter. How I react and interact with her is key. I have implemented many of the suggestions and techniques, and they have worked beautifully in defusing many situations that would have, otherwise, ended up in huge explosions, tantrums and hurt feelings.

Also, understanding this oppositional, defiant behaviour has given me so much more insight and compassion and, as a result, has given me the strength to stay calm, not react and to let go of the small things.

Thank you for providing this online parent support, I'm truly looking forward to Weeks 2-4.


Victoria, British Columbia

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