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J's school counselor recommended a part time job.

Hey Mark~

J's school counselor recommended a part time job. Thought it necessary since he will be 17 on Apr 28 (more important than a sport). I thought track would be a better idea- get him social and active- and he could pick up a job in the summer. J refuses to do either. He is taking Drivers Ed. but has no motivation to drive or go anywhere (child of indulgent parent). How do I handle this?

Thanx- L.


I think this falls into the 'pick your battles carefully' category. Here's my 2 cents:

If he doesn't want to work -- fine. But he should do chores around the house to earn money.

If he doesn't want to do track -- no problem.

If he wants to be a homebody -- that's o.k.

Your son is going to be a late bloomer ...I can see that now.

I wouldn't spend time or energy fighting these battles,


p.s. Don't go lookin' for trouble.

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