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My 15-year-old daughter had been drinking...

Dear Mr. Hutten,

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I was able to find the email last night and printed out your book. I had just discovered that my 15-year-old daughter had been drinking again and I was able to handle the situation from a position of power. You advice really was helpful.

My question is I have told my daughter she can have a birthday party for her boy and girl friends at our house. I have outlined the restrictions (no backpacks, parents must rsvp. once they come in, they can't go out, if anyone is found with alcohol or drugs I will call their parents to pick them up immediately, and my daughter will directly bear the responsibility for any inappropriate behavior. What advise can you give me so that she can have a fun but safe party and I can have peace about having her friends over.

Thank you,



I think you on track …I don’t really have anything to add. As long as everybody knows what the ground rules are for the party, then just focus on making it a celebratory event. If anybody chooses to violate a ground rule, then simply follow through with the consequence.

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