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He really loses it...


I’m finding the printable version of your book very helpful in realising i'm not the only parent with this problem. My son is a really nice kid 60% of the time, but when something doesn't go his way, he really loses it, trashing his room, throwing anything he can get his hands on. As you predicted, this has got worse to the point where he was very physical towards me. My main problem is how to get a 13yr old to stay in his room etc. I've taken his t.v. away at the moment, but he just goes to his brothers room to watch it. If i ask him to leave he just says no. How do you get a child to leave a room without encouraging physical aggravation?


I would use the strategy “When You Want Something From Your Kid” [Online Version of the eBook].

Also, you may want to consider putting a lock on his brother’s bedroom door so that he is essentially locked-out of that room [brother can lock him out when he goes in there to watch t.v.].

If he is physically violent, he should be on some kind of psychiatric med. If he attacks anyone, you really should call the police.


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