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His attitude has changed totally...

Hi Mark-

It’s been a while since I’ve reported back. I thought I would just let you know that my son is at last heading in the correct direction and I think it’s good to give good news too not only bad.

I first read your book almost two years ago now and it got us started. At that stage it was exactly what was necessary. I also got a drug councilor involved which also made be huge impact on the drug issue. I then took him to Italy to meet his Italian family he had never met. This had a huge positive affect on him too.

I found sticking to your program rather difficult and I was successful sometimes but not all of the time. I found it difficult to stay hard as it is just not in my nature, but the bit I did had the desired effect. Some of it has become natural without having to be dictatorial which is great.

Then three months ago in my search for answers I sent him on a week camp organized by a local group of absolutely fantastic people. I am not too sure what they actually do, but I can tell you three months down the line I am living with a totally different child. He is a pleasure to be around. His attitude has changed totally. It is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for your contribution to the healing process.

Keep well,


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