Education and Counseling for Individuals Affected by Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD

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In one day you have already helped me...

Dear Mark,

Well ...just so you know-I found you by chance. I went to and somehow found you.

I want to tell you that in one day you have already helped me. I downloaded the 60 pages-highlighted-and have read all of it and will continue to do it over and over. You really get it and I am tremendously grateful.

We have been to 3 therapists-adderol and wellbutrin and now I am going to try it your way. It makes lots of sense to me. Our 17 yr old son is "Out of Control" but it is going to improve.

Thanks so much,


My Out-of-Control Teen

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The Strong-Willed Out-of-Control Teen

The standard disciplinary techniques that are recommended for “typical” teenagers do not take into account the many issues facing teens with serious behavioral problems. Disrespect, anger, violent rages, self-injury, running away from home, school failure, hanging-out with the wrong crowd, drug abuse, theft, and legal problems are just some of the behaviors that parents of defiant teens will have to learn to control.

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