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He's called me every colourful 'F' word name in existence...


I have just downloaded the ebook and I feel like a kid at Christmas time! Thank God someone somewhere in the world knows what Conduct Disorder actually is for a start and has some strategies to cope. A diagnosis is one thing, at least there is a name for it, but to be left hanging by schools and health services, or worse still, stared at blankly in ignorance is much harder to handle. We live in Australia, so far I have not found much in the way of help for my son or our family.

My son was diagnosed last year in what I thought was the height of his behaviour meltdown. Little did I know the worst was yet to come. He is just 15, currently reported missing from home since Sat (because I told him he couldn’t go out Fri. night as a consequence of him calling me every colourful F word name in existence for the previous 4 days). Sadly, this is common in our home, and has at times been accompanied by throwing furniture, bricks on glass door etc...(I have 2 other younger sons this behaviour effects also) It is more frustrating (dare I say embarrassing?) because I am a Police Officer child is out of control, has been expelled from school for a lengthy history of things, including drugs and violence and is currently enrolled in a behaviour modification school, and he has a drug and alcohol problem. (It seems very bad when I type it down, somehow I believe it's not that bad in my head sometimes.)

Well I could write a novel here but I am sure you have an idea how it would read. I look forward to working though the book.

Thank you for caring enough to try and save these kids,


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