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How do you get the balance?

How do you get the balance? Great kid – Used to be outstanding in school – has the intelligence to do it – but is totally unmotivated. Can’t get him to do anything – Husband tells me it’s my fault. He has currently lied to be – told me he had movie club after school till 4:30 – got letter from school today – has detention at school till 4:30. I believed him – even offered to bake when he told me – how dumb could I be?

How to I change his attitude?


You’ve raised 3 issues here:

1. Poor academic performance – Refer to the recommendations here: “Emails From Exasperated Parents” (Online Version of the eBook)
2. Lying – Refer to the section “When Your Kid Lies” (Online Version)
3. School behavior problems – Use the strategy “When You Want Something From Your Kid” (Online Version)


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