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41-Year-Old Mother Has Sex With 16-Year-Old


Well as I told you before K___, our now 16 year old ran away and was on probation. He is now in custody and we go back to court on the 2nd of August, for sentencing. We informed probation where he was for 3 months before they finally found him right where we said he was the whole time. Just a few blocks away. The problem is and was that he was at a friend’s house and he was having a relationship with his friend’s 41 year old mother …she has 4 children in her household all from different fathers. The 3 year olds father just turned 22 years old and he has no parents.

She took our son to the emergency room and used her son C___'s med-i-cal card to have K___ treated for an abscess tooth. She also drove 100 miles to steal K___ in the middle of the night from our relatives whom we were visiting to keep K___ safe until court. Five days was all it was. Obviously that didn't work either.

We are very concerned about what has happened to him in the last 3months. She was letting him do anything and everything that he wanted and also brainwashed him against his own family. The lawyer is telling us that they will probably release him into our custody on the 2nd of August just 2 days away. We know that we will not be able to keep him from running right back over to her. Since she knows that it is against his probation and she just doesn't seem to care. It seems as though from the way we see it she has committed a number of offenses and crimes, included rape of a minor. Please give me some input. I am really going crazy and do not know who to turn to for help on this matter.



Hi L.,

See if you can get a restraining order against the lady in question (so she’s not allowed to be around your son without legal ramifications). I’d also file a report with Child Protective Services. If your son returns to her house, file a runaway complaint.

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