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I kept my poker face...

Thanks Mark,

Yes the tough reality... I have made lots of mistakes.... But today is a new day and a fresh start.

My son came home last night at 7.35pm after I made it clear that he needs to be home no later than 7pm for dinner...

He tried arguing with me but I kept my poker face and explained that I had said 7pm and that the grounding would start again from now.

With the support of my husband and lots of patience we got through a tough morning.

My son tried everything to get me to give his shoes back, real temper tantrums...he chopped up his old shoes, burnt another pair, carried on, broke a mirror, but I didn't budge. He found another old pair to put on and I told him after the 3 day grounding he could have his shoes back...

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards,


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