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Older Son Sexually Assaults Younger Brother

"Can you please help me out? My ex called me last week and told me that my older son has sexually assaulted my younger son. The older one is 12 and the younger on is 8. I have been looking online today for some help and what I need to do about it. Yes, on Monday I am going to call for some counseling for him. Can you please help me out? I just need to know what to do and how to talk with him. Just to let you know, the boys do not live together. The younger son lives with mom and the older lives with me. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my kids and this is very hard to deal with."

First of all, don't panic. Adolescent sex offenders are considered to be more responsive to treatment than adult offenders and do not appear to continue re-offending into adulthood, especially when provided with appropriate treatment. But, they need to be subjected to the normal juvenile probation supervision requirements.

Adolescent sex offenders sometimes attempt to copy scenes they have seen in pornography media and usually use verbal coercion rather than violence and aggression to obtain compliance of their victims. Treatment centers for youthful sex offenders have mushroomed (both inpatient and outpatient). The rising incidence of sexual crimes by children against children is no longer America's best-kept family secret.

Typically sex offenders are lonely and socially isolated from peers; they prefer the company of younger children; they are naive and lack suitable sex education; and they frequently experience disturbed family relations. This lack of stability and consistency, confusion about one's own sexual identity, and a real sense of powerlessness in the family combine to cause real problems.

If you don’t report this incident to authorities, your ‘cover-up’ WILL create more problems than it solves – guaranteed. So, please consult your juvenile probation - today!

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