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I’m going out of my mind...

Hi Mark,

Hope you can help me with this matter, I’m going out of my mind...I've had legal guardianship of our granddaughter since she was 6yrs old, she's now 14. The last year has been pure hell - she's now into drinking and smoking pot. Her friends are the be all and end all to her and she'll make any excuse to be with them.

She has failed her first year of high school, its not that she can't do the work - her teachers have said she's perfectly capable. Her Mom lives in another province and she has gone to stay with her for a while - she now tells me she wants to stay and go to school there.

Now I don't know if her Mom is discussing these problems with her or not, or how she's going to handle them. I hate to see her like this and think we should do all we can to set her on the right path. I've told her she would have to change schools, of course she said no I’m not going to.

She hasn't really shown any respect to me in a long time -- my god what can a person do besides locking them up.




Hi M.,

Re: drinking and smoking pot. Please refer to the recommendations on the Q & A page in the online version of the eBook.

Re: failed her first year of high school. The Q & A page also has the recommendation for dealing with poor academic performance.

Re: she now tells me she wants to stay and go to school there. I’d let her try it. It will give you a break from her. Plus, if she and her mother can work on their relationship, it might be a better arrangement for your granddaughter anyway. However, if she asks to come back at some point in the future, you should tell her what the house rules are - as well as the consequences for violating any house rules (which may include her having to return to her mother’s).


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