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I am at the end of my rope...

I have a 12-year-old daughter who has been diagnosed with numerous conditions (Tourette's ADD, ODD and early onset bi-polar disorder). However, of all these the Oppositional Defiance disorder is giving me a great deal of heartache. She will not do anything I ask (including bathing and general hygiene) is extremely argumentative and annoying with everyone and now has started to refuse to get up and get ready for school. We have reached the lifetime limit for mental health treatment on our insurance. Any help or advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated as I am at the end of my rope.


Hi E.,

My full-time job consists of going to the homes of parents who are at a loss on what to do or how to help. Out of a pure sense of hopelessness, these parents have come to Madison County Juvenile Probation seeking help.

They have tried very hard to address their child’s emotional & behavioral problems, but with little or no success. And it seems the harder they try to help, the worse it gets.

Here’s the good news. These kids with these “disorders” (e.g., ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, etc.) are the most enjoyable bunch of kids I could ever work with. I get respect and cooperation from all of them.

But …and this is an important point here …I know how to approach them. Through years of trial and error (as well as research), I have found a method for over-coming the obstacles that formerly prevented any positive outcome with these kids.

I want you to hear me very clearly here …there is no need for you to continue living as a frustrated, stress-out parent. I will help you bring the chaos and confusion to a grinding halt, but I can’t help you unless you are willing to work with me – I can’t do it for you!

If you will read my eBook, listen to my lectures, view my videos and power point presentations, and email me with specific questions as you go along – we WILL get the problems turned around. If you will take a step of faith, you will experience the same success that hundreds of other parents are now enjoying.

After years of dealing with a dishonest, disrespectful and dysfunctional child, many parents feel so defeated that they believe nothing or nobody will be able to help them – they think it’s simply “too late.” But I promise you – it is never too late.


You have to make a decision. You must decide whether or not to take a step of faith here. I cannot help you unless you are willing to help yourself.

You deserve much better than you are settling for.

Click here to get started with my program:

I hope to hear from you soon,

Mark Hutten, M.A.
Online Parent Support
Madison County Youth Center
Madison Superior Court, Division 2
3420 Mounds Road
Anderson, Indiana
Probation: (765) 635-9037
Fax: (765) 646-9229
Toll Free: (856) 457-4883

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