What can we do in a school setting...?

There tends to be lots of information on how parents can deal with Conduct Disorder, but what can we do in a school setting with students who exhibit conduct disorder? Can school settings change these behaviors without parent participation?

Hi S.,
You absolutely right ..there's a ton of info on conduct disorder. But few - if any - authors of books that illustrate strategies to use with these children work with these families on a daily basis.
Most of the info is from psychiatrists who know very few cognitive-behavioral methods for dealing with the problem. They are more focused on the medication side of things. They have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but not a lot of man-hours "in the field" (i.e., in the homes of these families).
Can the techniques I illustrate work in the classroom -- even without parental participation? Absolutely.
I would say that 20 to 30% of the eBook purchasers who benefit from this info are teachers. In too many cases, they are seeing the child more than the parent.
To take this a step further, use these strategies on your difficult students. Find the ones that are the most effective. Then share what you know to work with that child's parent. She/he may be very grateful that somebody found "something that works."
I'm not a miracle worker, but I'm sure you will be glad you went the extra mile by investing in these strategies. You will experience a significant reduction in your stress-level as well.

Mark Hutten, M.A.

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