Creative Wife Gets Resistant Husband "On Board"


I'm trying to implement the strategies in the eBook, but am getting NO support from my husband as he thinks my son should listen to him -- HAS to listen to him -- and I should severely punish him. I really have no one else to turn to at this point, and need some guidance.


In those cases where the husband basically refuses to read any of the eBook and simply wants to keep parenting the way he always has, I would recommend doing what one creative member of Online Parent Support did.

She played the audio version of the eBook (on CD) in the car whenever she and her resistant husband drove somewhere together. He was a captive audience and either had to wear ear plugs or listen to the material (he reluctantly choose to listen). Sneaky, huh?

Did he immediately "jump on board"? No. But after listening to the CDs several times in the car alongside his wife, he did begin to adopt some of the really important ingredients that ultimately made mom's job much much easier.

Do yourself a BIG favor and get the CDs. They're only 17 bucks. If your husband refuses to listen to them -- or listens to them but does NOT find them helpful, simply send them back and I'll write you a check for a refund. You've got nothing to lose here.


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