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If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you always got.

How does going through the program change things as far as grades go? Your website mentioned how grade should improve by using this program. This is a particular issue in our house at this time because it is almost the end of another year with our daughter not applying herself to school. She is more than capable, but just doesn’t seem to try. She’ll constantly promise to do better, but it always turns out to be the same old same old. Obviously we have done the lecturing (“bitching”) thing in the past, but it does no good. And obviously when the bad grades come in we can’t just use the poker face and say “Oh” and act like it doesn’t matter. So how do we respond to the bad grades without appearing to lecture?


I guess you haven't gotten to the "Emails From Worried & Exasperated Parents" page yet ...located here ==> Click Here

Look for the email from the parent that reads:

"My son brings home straight F's on his report cards. I ground him for the entire grading period, but he continues to fail in nearly all subjects. I know my son is a bright kid and can do the work when he wants to. What can I do to motivate him?" -- B. R.

This recommendation ONLY applies in those cases where:

(1) the child has a history of poor academic performance, AND

(2) poor academic performance has been an ongoing source of parent-child conflict in the home.

Parents who actually FOLLOW this recommendation find that their child's grades eventually come up. But unfortunately, most parents are not comfortable with this recommendation and therefore (a) do not follow it, (b) continue doing what they've always done to try to get their child's grades to improve, and (c) continue to see their child's grades go down.

You may be under the assumption that if you just try harder, issue stiffer consequences, set-up a better reward system, etc., then you will eventually "win the war" against your kids' bad grades. If so, let me ask, how's that been working for you. It might be much easier -- and less painful in the long run -- for you to go find a brick wall to beat your head against.

Click Here for the recommendation.


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