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I intend to make a fresh start for us...

Hi Mark,

My out of control teen is staying with family over the summer and won't be back till three days before the start of school. He stays with a disciplinarian uncle who has a 15-year old son who is close to Daniel. His uncle's observation of him is that he is a very smart kid who will manipulate anyone he can. He is a very good kid there, listens very well, and follows the rules well. According to family, he gained some weight, well-groomed and his looks is so improved. I don't talk to him much because I want him to absorb all the discipline there.

When he gets back, I intend to make a fresh start for us. He will be in 8th grade. I will spell in much more clear terms the rules, expectations and the consequences. His being disrespectful, poor grades and bad attitude is what gets to me. I intend to address these with him. Any suggestions?

Thank you,



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Unknown said...

My son is 14 years old. He always ill treats me does not is not even interested in his studies. When I force him to study. He always puts me in a argement I am his well wisher. Just for very small things he feels very bad and that makes him angry. He always complains that I am very partial and I love my younger son much. He does not forget little things. I m very disturbed and feel very low the way he treats me. I don't even need him. What to do

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