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My son has been coming home at 3 in the morning...

My son has been coming home at 3 in the morning but his curfew time is 10 pm. I have been asking him to come home on time but he's starting to come later and later. This is stressing me out and I can go to sleep until he comes home. What can I do? Please help.


If your child is not home by curfew, you should treat the situation as though he is a 'runaway'. You may need to go to your local Juvenile Probation department and file an incorrigibility complaint. Please refer to the Q & A page for recommendations regarding "running away."

James Craig, Online Parent Support Staff

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The Strong-Willed Out-of-Control Teen

The standard disciplinary techniques that are recommended for “typical” teenagers do not take into account the many issues facing teens with serious behavioral problems. Disrespect, anger, violent rages, self-injury, running away from home, school failure, hanging-out with the wrong crowd, drug abuse, theft, and legal problems are just some of the behaviors that parents of defiant teens will have to learn to control.

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