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Sign me "an obligated parent..."

Hi Mark,

I will tell you that I've done the first two steps and I'm still reading, but I wanted to have a copy handy electronically to build a cheat sheet and mold my mantras. Thanks so much for writing this, I was a little hesitant at first when I was browsing your site...but in the end, I was more can't hurt and if it teaches me one thing...then for that I will be a better parent.

Your statement you make in the first step "I have an obligation to you, my child, as a parent to..." That statement alone made me a better parent. I've said it to my son and I've said to others in my life who would like to be a bigger priority in my life. This statement has made things even more clear to a single parent and for that I'll always be grateful. Thanks again.

Sign me "an obligated parent who gladly accepts the honor of releasing into this world (eventually) an upstanding, independent, responsible, young, adult male."



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